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Dichroic Cabochons for Bead Embroidery

Dichroic cabochons are like potato chips; it's hard to stop with just one!  I had bought a few several years ago, and they were indeed lovely, but I hadn't found any really nice ones at a decent price.  And you know how it is -- you have something that you love to look at, but are afraid to use because you'll never find something like it again.

(I have the same disease when it comes to seed bead colors, LOL.)

Now I have these cabs that I'n not using because I can't find more good ones at a decent price, but I really love the cabs.  I don't know why I didn't think to look on ebay -- after all, I used to sell my own lampwork beads there for a few years.

OK,I admit -  sometimes I am a little dense, but I finally went to go look at the variety of dichroic cabs that were available.  Oh boy-- I was like a kid in a candy shop!

You can see one of my purchases to the right, made up into earrings; two cabs that are about 14mm in diameter.   The purchase was a bargain, considering I got 12 cabs (all of them gorgeous) for less than $15.  My next creation with some of the other cabs in this batch will be to make either a bracelet or necklace (leaning towards the bracelet).  So, that was one purchase.

Then I found one glass artist, Carolyn Relei, whose work I just had to add to my collection-- she has some beautiful dichroic cabs.  Just looking at her work makes me want to run out, buy another kiln and some glass to make some of my own.  But since I barely have time to feed my beading need, it's more time and cost efficient for me to buy them ready made. Well, time efficient at any rate, given the number I have purchased at the moment and which haven't arrived yet).  🙂

Anyway, I bought three dichroic cabs from Carolyn off ebay; here is the photo of the three.

 Using Dichroic Cabs in Bead Embroidery

Fortunately, since these are made of glass, they can be glued to an embroidery foundation just like a gemstone cab.  The one thing you do want to keep in mind is that glass is fairly heavy, so if you don't plan to capture the cab with a bezel (like in the earrings at the top of this post), you will need a glue like an epoxy or E-6000 to attach the cab to the beading foundation.

If you do plan to capture the cab with a bezel, then you can use a white glue or double-sided tape to temporarily attach the cab to the foundation.

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And since I mentioned that glass can be fairly heavy, you'll want to carefully consider the weight of the glass (not to mention all the rest of the beadwork) if you're making earrings.  Some people can comfortably wear very  heavy earrings; I am not one of them.  If you aren't either, your better bet is to go smaller in size for your cab.

When it comes to bracelets, keep in mind that these are made of glass.  Although cabs are a very durable shape, glass is glass, and if you really bang around your bracelets, keep this in mind.  (I am hard on my jewelry, but I don't tend to get into situations where I will smash the bracelets, so for the most part I am OK.)

Pendants and necklaces can usually handle anything you can throw at them.  Keep in mind the final weight of your necklace/pendant when choosing your clasp, though.  The last thing you want is for the clasp to give out and you lose the creation you lovingly beaded. I favor magnetic clasps for necklaces these days, and am careful to match the strength of the magnet to the weight of the piece.

There you go -- the story of my cabs, plus tips when creating your own bead embroidered dichroic jewelry.  If you need more help with bead embroidery, consider looking at my tutorial for bead embroidery.

Bead Embroidery Components Tutorial — It’s Finally Here!

I've been saying for awhile that my Intro to Bead Embroidery Components tutorial was just about done.  But this time I can say it is finally ready!  I know, it's taken me a lot longer than I expected to complete it, but that's because I kept getting one more idea to include something else...

Finally I had to quit adding more projects to the ebook tutorial, or else I was never going to finish!

What's in the Tutorial

The whole idea behind this was to make bead embroidery fast and easy.  While I love the beaded collars and intricate cuffs, that just isn't the kind of jewelry I wear.  And to be honest, I'd never finish one because it would take me too long, and I'd abandon it half-way through.

So instead of making elaborate jewelry that I wouldn't wear, I decided to make smaller components that I would wear.  Some are fairly simple and more tailored in appearance.  Some are more exotic, with dichroic glass and/or fringework.

But the great part is that they can be worn together or separate.  Make one component large and you have a pendant.  Two smaller components make for a set of earrings.  Several connected together make a bracelet or necklace.

And of course each component can be dressed up or down.  Just changing the cab or the seed beads can give a component a whole new look.

So, I teach 5 components, and then 2 projects on putting the components together. Plus, I have a "Fringe 101" section where I show how to make fringe and some ideas on how to use different kinds of fringe.

It's about 60 pages long and has loads of photos. Originally I had planned on about 30 pages, then 40...and when I got to 60 pages I just had to stop, LOL.  (I'll just have to make another ebook for my other ideas and projects.)

Anway, here's the link for Intro to Bead Embroidery Components tutorial.   Meanwhile, I have to go shopping for some more cabs (as if I didn't have enough already...).