Bead Embroidery Bracelet – Where’s the Party?

My latest bead embroidery bracelet is called "Where's the Party?", and I made it in honor of my upcoming class with beading guru Sherry Serafini (of course I had to name drop, LOL).  Seriously, I do have a class with her soon (end of February), and I wanted to wear something interesting to the class.

Speaking of which, I took a class with her last year, for an over-the-top collar.  No, I still haven't finished that one yet, but I have done two cuffs so far -- the one above and one called "Harlequin's Romance".  But last year's class only whetted my taste for the two I am taking this year.  Interestingly enough, they are both cuff who knows what I will come up with afterwards!

Freeform Bead Embroidery

My first love is freeform jewelry making -- wirework, lampwork, beadweaving and naturally, bead embroidery.  I am not sure if freeform attracts me because I an slightly dyslexic, or that I have never been one to color within the lines.  Maybe somewhere in between?  😉

So, want to know what went into "Where's the Party?"  I started with the gorgeous dichroic cab from ebay artist Carolyn Relei - Releidichroics (I adore her work!)  The cab gave me the ideas for what colors I should use, as it has blue, green, teal, copper, gold and s smidgen of violet.

As for seed beads, I have a mixture of matte, "regular" and metallic, in sizes 6, 8, 11 and 15.  The shapes are round, bugle and matagama.  With a smattering of cyclinder and peanut to round things out.

I was dying to try out some Swarovski flatback I did!  I used both the regular round and a rectangular bead -- almost emerald shaped.

And I didn't want to leave out Swarovski crystal pearls, some Czech rounds and whatever else my fingers could  grab, LOL.

If I Could Do Anything Differently...

I might have made it a little narrower, which means that I would have had to pick another in my stash of dichroic cabs -- the cab kind of dictated the width.  But I'd still use a dichroic cab as the centerpiece.

Also, I wouldn't have taken so long to complete this!  I started maybe 6 months ago and just got around to completing it yesterday.  Meanwhile, my beads went all over the place, never to be found again so my two sides are a bot different -- I had to do some substituting when I couldn't find my original sizes and colors.  (Watch, I'll find them later today...)

But I do love freeform, and I have come to love cuffs.  Now all I need to do is get started on a tutorial.  I do have an idea percolating in the background for a design.

Gonna run; catch up with you again after my class!

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