It’s a Bad Glue Day

In my previous post I mentioned that I was working on a new project which involves working with a cabachon on a Stiff Stuff background.  And I also mentioned that the cab had been glued to the Stiff Stuff for a few years (ahem!).

Well, I'm ready to put the final microfiber backing on the cab.  I have it all ready and waiting.  So, I get out my E6000 glue and squeeze.

Hmm, nothing coming out.  So I grab another tube.  It's hardened too.  Drat!

So knowing that I've seen E6000 at the local grocery store, I went there to get some.  Hmm, they don't carry it anymore.  But wait!  There's a hardware store right around the corner, surely they have it.  Nope, they had never even heard of it.

OK, off to Michael's.  Hated to go there on a Sunday afternoon, 'cause I knew the lines would be long, but when ya gotta bead...ya gotta bead.  Good grief, where did they move the glue aisle to?  Ahh, found it.

The first tube I grabbed felt kinda funny.  I took off the cap to check if the top was still intact and it was.  Just ready to walk away, I noticed there was a puncture in the tube, which had hardened.  Well, there's another tube, and it feels squishy, so I'll grab that one.

It wasn't until I got home that I thought to check if the top had been pierced -- naturally, it already had.  But fortunately probably not for long since it was still gluey.  So I was able to put the backing on my one piece (which is turning out nice so far) and then glue three more cabs to the Stiff Stuff.  Success!

Well, that's my sticky situation for the day (groan).  So I'll impatiently check my cabs to see how far along they are, and leave you with some more pretty beady [nmslink:lampwork bead focal,ebay bead auctions].  See ya later!

[nms:lampwork bead focal,6,1,10]

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