Blossom Bezel and Beading Classes

I took a class with Sabine Lippert a couple of weeks ago, and she did inspire me to try different techniques with rivolis.  I never thought that chatons could easily be used with beadwork (that they were too small), but her class changed my way of thinking.  Not to mention all the jaw-dropping-gorgeous examples of her work that she brought in for display!

(In case you don't know, Sabine is the author of the Beaded Fantasies book on Amazon.  And yes, I have the book myself and got Sabine to sign it.)  🙂

This is a big piece of jewelry!  The entire project had this as the center of a necklace that would please the most bling-seeking person, but I decided to stop with just this portion.  The center rivoli is 18mm and the front center rivoli is 12mm.  The rest are 8mm rivolis and chatons.

Even  Teacher Needs Lessons

While I don't really need any lessons in right angle weave or cubic RAW, I went to this class to soak up new ideas, and new ways of putting beads together to form jewelry.  So even a teacher like myself needs to have lessons at times.  🙂

I have to say, Sabine is a wonderful instructor!  She doesn't get over here to the States very often (she lives in Europe), but if you ever get the chance to take a class with her....grab it!  I got the chance to sit with her for a bit and talk one-on-one about some of her pieces and the thoughts behind them as she designed.  One bracelet had me drooling; while much of her work is very ornate, the bracelet was very tailored, but with loads of rivolis.  A perfect blend of elegant bling!

Inspiration?  Oh Yeah!

Since getting back from her class, I have been experimenting with different designs with rivolis and chatons.  Some of them I look at and wonder what I possibly could have been thinking, while others I ended up liking.

This one to my right is kind of straight-forward in some ways.  It's got RAW and peyote bead weaving, along with some other stitches thrown in for good measure.

The rivoli itself is only 14mm, so it makes for a nice smaller pendant.  Put it on a 16 or 17 inch chain and it sits nicely at the base of your neck, shining bright.

I was able to use some of my size 15 charlotte beads (the silver around the rivoli).  They are kind of tough to use because the holes are so very small, but in the end, it was worth it.

To the left are some other designs I dreamed up.  While none of them turned out like I had originally envisioned, they have possibilities.  I used a lot of bronze-colored seed beads, while gives these a more antique-y look and feel.

I think I'll try the design I used in the one at the top, with a different color scheme.  I want to alter the design a little, so there is no telling what the "new and improved" version will look like!

That's it for now.  Have a great day (or evening, depending on the time you are reading this) and catch you later!

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