Beaded Cabochon Jewelry Heaven

I adore the look of beaded cabochon jewelry.  I had done quite a bit of it some time ago, but things got in the way and I kept putting off and putting off getting back into it.  I mean, all you have to do is stare at Sherri Serafini's work and get intimidated (but she does absolutely gorgeous work).

I've been cleaning out my workspace, and I stumbled upon some cabs I bought, oh, I'll say 5 years ago and already glued to the backing...and that's where I stopped.

Then I found some lovely cabs I bought at a gem show maybe 4 years ago, and they have likewise been sitting around.  (I swear, sometimes I thought I could hear a faint "make me into jewelry" cry coming from that corner of my office...)

And let's not discuss all the dichroic cabs I bought maybe 3 years ago....

Are you sensing a pattern here?  🙂

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Beaded Cabochon (Seashell)

I figured it was time that I actually do something.  So I've been beading up a storm!

Remember the seashells I gathered a couple months ago?  Well I've been going wild with them -- they are so much fun!  To the right is a necklace I made with one of the seashells.

(I've got a few more glued to backing, waiting their turn as well.)

Got a hot pink agate cab that I am working on, but am waiting for some more supplies to come in so I can finish it (I'll post a photo when I am done).

Naturally, one of the dichroic cabs is being worked on, while I am waiting on the supplies for the pink one.

Can-Can Cabochon

And here's another, done up in turquoise color.  I'm thinking the cab is howlite (dyed), but who knows what the bead nuggets are; all I know is that for the price I paid, they are definitely not geniune turquoise!

If you're interested, I've got an ebook tutorial for making these necklaces.  Want more?  I've got a tutorial for an intro bead embroidery components.

Cabs, Cabs and More Cabs

One of my favorite cabs I have ever bought, an ocean jasper, broke in my hands.  I got that one at a gem show, and I should have known to not get one that thin.  I still have some ideas for it, though, since it's so pretty!

And I have ordered more cabs from ebay, as I have an idea for a beaded cab bracelet (among other things).  When all of those cabs get in, I'll take some photos for you to see.

Well, guess I should quit writing and go get beading!  Catch you later with more photos.

(Now it's later and I have some more photos of my bead embroidery; click for larger photos.)


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