How to Make Angel Earrings – Two Ideas

If you want to know how to make angel earrings, I've got a video tutorial for you!  I love these style of earrings -- they are fast to make, lovely to look at and can be worn all year long.

I've got two different styles of angel earrings in this tutorial.  One pair uses teardrop beads for the body, the other uses artemis beads.  Make either...or make both!

 On Angel's Wings

I'm doing a little bit of a different take on these earrings.  I've often seen them with teardop bodies and pewter or silver wings.  Those are really pretty, but I wanted crystal, top to bottom.

I tried the butterfly for the angel wings, but that still didn't quite give me what I was looking for.  Then while browsing at my favorite bead store, I found some modular beads.  Hmmm, how would they work?

You'll have to be the judge!  🙂

Here are the supplies you'll need to make these fun crystal earrings.

Pair #1 - Teardrop Angel

  • Two 11x9mm teardop beads.
  • Two 11mm modular beads.
  • Two 6mm round beads.
  • Two 8mm marguerite beads.
  • Two headpins; I used 2 inch headpins, but you can also use eyepins and just make your own.
  • Pair of earring findings.

As for the colors, feel free to use anything you like, but I used crystal for the everything but the halo.  For the halo I used crystal AB.  All beads are from Swarovski.

Pair #2 - Artemis Angel

  • Two 12mm artemis beads.
  • Two 15mm modular beads.
  • Two 6mm round beads.
  • Two 8mm marguerite beads.
  • Two headpins; I used 3 inch headpins.
  • Pair of earring findings.

And of course, all of these are Swarovski crystal beads as well.  I like the way they turned out -- the artemis style makes for a nice angel body.

Colors -- everything was crystal golden shadow, except for the halo (it was crystal AB).  These would look great in just about any color you can think of!'s  the video tutorial, for your viewing pleasure.  🙂

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