Peyote Bracelet Tutorial, Part 1

Here's a peyote bracelet tutorial for your viewing pleasure, to explain how to do peyote stitch beading.  Since my Mermaid's Garden bracelet was based on the peyote stitch, it's only fair that I give you instructions on how to do basic peyote.  (Now my Mermaid's Garden is a freeform version, but before you do freeform, you need to know how to do regular peyote stitch beading.)

I originally had a video on this post that was someone else doing a peyote tutorial, but I finally made it to the 21st century and learned to make videos.  I made it in two parts, so you'll still get the same number of videos.

So, without (much) further ado, here's how you accomplish the even-count peyote stitch.  In this tutorial, I used matte size 8 seed beads, just to make it easier to see.  (Shiny beads are tougher to use in a video, when you need to see what's happening.)

Supplies Needed for the Peyote Bracelet

If you want to follow along and make the bracelet, you'll need size 8 seed beads, thread (I like Fireline), a needle and a clasp.  Oh and a few size 11 seed beads for the clasp area.

And not to worry, I have part 2 of this peyote bracelet tutorial video so you can learn how to finish your bracelet, once you've watched part 1.

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