Peyote Bracelet Tutorial, Part 2

In part two of this peyote bracelet tutorial, you'll see how to finish off the bracelet you made in part one of the peyote stitch beading tutorial.  Part one, of course, was how to do the basic peyote stitch.

As I mentioned previously, my Mermaid's Garden bracelet has its basis in peyote.  Now I go the more organic, freeform route for that bracelet.  Still, before you experiment with freeform, you really do need to know how to accomplish the basic peyote stitch beading.

I hope you enjoy part two of this peyote stitch tutorial.  I know it's one of my favorite stitches.  This tutorial will let you understand better my next bracelet that relies on the basic peyote stitch beading for its base.

Peyote Bracelet Tutorial, Part 2

Remember, this is the continuation of the bracelet.  If you missed the beginning, please go back to the peyote bracelet tutorial part 1 to understand how you construct the bracelet.


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