Bead Inspiration

Beading, Then and Now

I was trying to clean up/out my jewelry-making area, and in the process, I came across some of my very early work in different areas.  I found some necklaces from when I first started beading; some of my initial tries at viking knit, early bead embroidery and then wire weaving.

I sat down and stared at the pieces (conveniently ignoring the piles of beading supplies I was supposed to be cleaning up) and then picked up some of my more recent examples of each jewelry style.

Wow.  Big difference.

Jewelry Upgrade

The jewelry got me to thinking about how far I had come in many of my techniques.  And when I stared at my current work, I wondered where I'd be a year from now, five years from now, etc.

The way I see it, jewelry is just as much about the journey as it is the destination (i.e., the completed piece).

Save Some Pieces of Your Jewelry!

No matter where you are at in your jewelry journey, same some of your pieces -- especially some of the first pieces in a new technique.  Put them aside to look at later, so you can see the progress you have made!

As you'll see in the following video, some of my first pieces in a new technique aren't exactly stellar.  Yours might not be either, but practice is how we learn and grow.

Then and Now Video

So, here's a video that shows some of my jewelry from when I was starting, and more recent pieces in the same technique.  You'll see the evolution of my work, and some of the items I'm just starting to learn more about.

So....hope you enjoy the video!

Color and Kaleidoscope Designs for Inspiration

Color has always played a big part for me, when it comes to needing inspiration.  I love looking at other people's jewelry designs, and they do inspire me.  But I am also aware that, aside from some relatively common designs, I can't copy them.  But I can use them as a base and take them further.

Anyway, sometimes it works wonderfully well; sometimes not so much.  And I had the same problem with my lampwork for a long time until I finally hit my "look".

So lately, I have been trying to come up with some new thoughts.  I have a another class with Sherry Serafini coming up, and I want to be able to stretch myself a little more this time.

Since color speaks to me, I turned to kaleidoscope designs.  And I am here to share some with you, hoping that you will also find your own "ah-hah" moment.  🙂

Creating Kaleidoscope Designs

I did design all  the kaleidoscopes you see on this post.  And interestingly enough, they all originated from my beads and jewelry.  Sometimes you can tell right off; sometimes you have to look really hard before you see the beads.  And some, like the one at the top of the page, you just have to take my word on, LOL.

Before you think I am some sort of wizard with the above (talking about making these with my beads and jewelry), please note that I used photos of my beads and jewelry to use as a base for my "colliding color" designs.  I wish I could say that I was talented enough to put each piece together, but alas; I used the magic of digital photography.

So while I can claim that I made the beads and jewelry behind the photos, and I can claim I created the kaleidoscope look via digital magic, I did not actually sew these designs (well, the ones that look like they have beads, anyway).

Color Inspirations

One thing I have a tough time with is with combining colors so that they look good together.  A lot of times what I think will be really cool ends up looking like mud when I see the project as a whole.  But with these renderings, I came up with some neat combos.  Hmm, maybe I am not as bad as I think I am when it comes to color!  I just need to be a little more balanced I guess.

Anyway, I set up a page called Kaleidoscope Designs From Jewelry that you can take a peek at -- pretty much just all photos!

Enjoy, and may you be inspired!