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It’s Been Way Too Long…

Odd Count Peyote BraceletIt's bee waaaaay too long since I did a post -- sorry about that!  And I have been up to quite a bit!  Part of my issue is that my website had issues (resolved, if you are viewing this, LOL).  Another part is that I have been busy busy busy with doing YouTube videos for my channel called Beaded Jewelry Diva -- which you can find at https://www.youtube.com/user/beadedjewelrydiva

I've also got a bunch more ebook tutorials at:  http://www.beadedjewelrydiva.com/project-tutorials-for-jewelry/

So as you can tell -- lots of jewelry-making goodies!

Published in Artisan Jewelry Times

Woo hoo, I have one of my earring projects published in the online magazine Artisan Jewelry Times -- http://www.artisanjewelrytimes.com  If you have never seen the magazine, I highly suggest you take a look -- it's quite amazing (even aside from my earrings, naturally!)

What Else?

Last year was a banner year for surgeries -- two hip replacements, so I spent far too much time either in the hospital or recovering from the surgeries.  But it's all good, since I am now free to move around and do things again that I wasn't able to do for far too long.

Plus, with the release from the pain, I have become far more productive when it comes to making jewelry!

SuperDuo RufflesJewelry Trending (Well, Mine at any Rate)

So what have been my trends in the last year?  I did get into the two-hole Czech bead craze, which I haven't yet recovered from, lol.  If you see my channel, you'll see several projects I made with the two-holes.

I've also lately been enamored by spiral rope beading.  In the last few months I've done tutorials on spiral herringbone, flat spiral, the regular spiral stitch, Russian spiral and also Dutch spiral.  And I have a few more ideas in the hopper -- a reverse Russian spiral bracelet, a Dutch spiral bracelet and a triple spiral.

I've also got another stretch bracelet project in the works, as well as a new memory wire bracelet tutorial.  Just a little something to keep me busy!  😀

Oh, and I am getting ready (in the next week or two) to come out with a new Viking Knit ebook.  This one is quite a bit different from what I've done in the past, and I hope you find it interesting.  (I'll do a link to it as soon as I have published it.)

That's All For Now

That, as they say, is enough work (play!) to keep me out of trouble.  Let me get busy finishing up the Viking knit ebook, and editing my stretch bracelet video.  I'll write again soon!

Viking Knit Jewelry Fans, It’s Finally Here!

Three of the projects in Viking Knit Jewelry Embellishments.

If you like making viking knit jewelry, I've got something new for you.  After working on it on and off for several months, I finally have a new ebook called Viking Knit Jewelry Embellishments.

For those of you who have been following me, you know that along with sparkly things, I also love viking knit jewelry.  But after awhile, I wanted something more than just a chain.  Or a chain with a few beads strung onto the end.

That's when the idea for this ebook was born.

In the Land of Viking Knit...

There are several tutorials around for how to make viking knit jewelry (mine included), but not much on really embellishing...a lot of embellishing.  And at first, I was kind of at a loss.

So, I started playing around.  Adding beads within the knitting, wondering if I could make a two-tone knit, what would triple knit be like.  Not to mention all those bits an pieces of chain from other projects.  Too short to use in much of anything, but to much to simply throw away.  What to do with them...

Plus, I had  been experimenting (mostly successfully) with colored wires, and I wanted to liven things up by using them in my work.  So I had to learn early on how to straighten kinked colored wire so that it wouldn't flake on me.

Anyhow, I came up with what I hope is a lot of good information and several projects that you might like to try, if you want to take your viking knit jewelry to the next level.  And here's the link to click for Viking Knit Jewelry Embellishments.

Hope you enjoy it!

A Different Kind of Christmas Story

I'm going to take a break from jewelry at the moment to share something with you.

We all know that Christmas all started with celebrating the birth of Jesus.  The cast of characters includes Gabriel, the bearer of good news; Mary, an about-to-be unwed mother; Joseph, the bewildered fiance.  Not to mention the shepherds, the Magi and all the animals in the stable.

But do you ever wonder what it might be like if instead of all this happening 2000+ years ago, it was happening today?  What might that be like in today's world?

Here's a video my hubby showed me, that I got a huge kick out of, and I think you will like it, too.  It's how technology changes the world.

Enjoy, and MERRY CHRISTMAS!  🙂

More Pandora-Style Lampwork Beads

Yep, more Pandora-style lampwork bead information and photos!  This time, created with my own two hands.  Along with glass and a torch and...you get the idea!

If you're not up to speed on what exactly Pandora beads are, take a look at my lampwork Pandora bead post -- it will give you the "hole" story!

Unique Lampwork Pandora-Style Beads

Pandora-Style Kitty Bead

Pandora-Style Kitty Bead

I've been working on some new ideas, to make some of these wonderful beads different from the beads sold on the official Pandora site.  Not that they aren't nice, but they are a bit on the plain side (which can of course be good at times).

Meanwhile, I decided to go in a totally opposite direction, and my cats were my inspiration!

The kitty bead you see on the right is rather small, at just 15mm tall, but it plays well on a Pandora (Biagi, Chamilla, Troll) bracelet.  Enough to stand out from the everyday, without overwhelming the bracelet.

You may notice that the bead isn't silver lined.  Some of my kitties I left "au naturale" and some I did line with sterling rivets.  Thought it might be nice to have a choice.

OK, that's one kitty; are you up for another?

Seal Point Cat Pandora Style Bead

Seal Point Cat Pandora Style Bead

Here's what I call my "Kyle Kitty", after a seal-point Ragdoll cat that I once had.  And you might notice that I did put the sterling silver rivets in my "Kyle Kitty".

Right now I'm trying to figure out the color I need to use for my "Rusty" cat bead.  Rusty is my orange tabby, and finding just the right color in glass has been daunting!  But I'll figure it out eventually.

And if you're wondering...yep, I will eventually make pint-sized dogs and bunnies and other assorted critters into my Pandora-style beads.

A More Traditional Pandora-Style Bead

A More Traditional Pandora-Style Bead

Still, I haven't abandoned a more traditional bead, like the one you see to your right.  After all, sometimes a gal just wants to be a little more traditional -- in shape, if not in color!

At any rate, feel free to mosey on over to my store site and see all the Pandora-style bead goodies I have to offer.  Along with other kinds of lampwork beads as well.  And in the meantime, I hope you've enjoyed the picture show!