Chain Maille Tutorials

If you're looking for chain maille tutorials, I hope you'll enjoy these!   Chain maille (also spelled chain mail and chainmaille) is the art and sometimes science of weaving with rings.  Traditionally made with metal rings in iron and steel, maille has come a long way to today's metals.  Between sterling and gold, through titanium and niobium, and continuing to copper, aluminum and brass, there is a lot to select from!

Chain Maille Patterns for Jewelry

Helm Weave Bracelet

Most maille patterns, also known as weaves, make good jewelry.  Some are better suited to bracelets, others earrings and still others necklaces.  And there are some (Byzantine for example) are awesome no matter how you want to use them!

There are also "families" of weaves that are inter-related.  To the right is a pattern known as Helm (also called Parallel) and it is the base for many other weaves.

Helm is neat in that it uses orbital and captive rings.  It's a little more complex than Box (for example), but it's also a wonderful entry point to one of the most famous weaves, Dragonscale.

 Available Chain Maille Tutorials

Right now I have two tutorials available, for your learning pleasure.

Celtic Weaves includes patterns such as the wildly popular Celtic Visions, Helm, Half Helm and Celtic Kisses.

Byzantine and Box are two chain maille jewelry weaves that are fabulously easy -- as well as fabulous to look at!

So check out the links and have fun with maille!

4 Responses to Chain Maille Tutorials

  • Linda P says:

    I have never found such an informative web site. Where do you get your chain maille rings? I’ve searched the internet, ordered what I thought I wanted, and spent a good bit on what turned out to be practice rings, a good thing, I guess. I bought some beautiful silver filled 16 gauge rings at Michael’s, made the Byzantine bracelet and they were perfect. Now I haven’t found them again. I love your site. Thanks so much.

  • Gail says:

    Hi Linda,

    I normally get all my chain maille rings at either Etsy ( or Artbeads ( They have been the most consistently available, as well as being good quality.

    Glad you are enjoying the site! 🙂


  • Betsy M says:

    Hi Gail,
    Yesterday I purchased your directions for the second Christmas ornament cover (the one with the blue, green, and rosegold rings.) I would like to get the same rings that you used–could you please direct me to the site where you got them? My source is good, but doesn’t have some of the sizes or colours that you used.

  • Gail says:

    Hi Betsy,

    Thanks for your question! I usually get my rings at either or — both have a good selection of sizes and colors. 🙂


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