Celtic Weaves Tutorial

This is the second in my chain maille tutorials - Celtic Weaves.  These amazing maille patterns combine techniques from European and Japanese structures, as well as using the unusual captive and orbital rings.

The "star" of the Celtic patterns is called Celtic Visions, and it's one that immediately intrigues most people.  It's absolutely wonderful for jewelry.  In a larger gauge ring size, this weave is incredible.  In a fine gauge wire, it's beautifully delicate.

But before you learn Celtic Visions, you'll want to work with the Half Helm and Helm patterns.  They are the base for the Celtic weaves and are beautiful in their own rights.

What You Will Learn

So, what will you learn in this tutorial? Here's some of what is included:

  • Half Helm-- I don't quite know if this is a new pattern I came up with, but in playing with Helm, I came up  with this super-easy intro to the Celtic weaves.
  • Helm -- This is the basis for the other two weaves in the tutorial.
  • Celtic Visions -- An amazing chain maille pattern that looks exotic but is easy to learn.
  • Celtic Kisses -- This is another of my,"I wonder what would happen if I tried..." weaves.
  • Jewelry -- How to make your new chain into bracelets.
  • What you need to know before you buy any jump rings -- so that you don't buy the wrong ones!

Naturally, there are loads of photos, with up-close shots so you know exactly where you need to put that next jump ring!

Getting Your Copy

To get your own copy of this ebook in my chain maille tutorial series, all you need to do is click the "Add to Cart" button. The tutorial is in ebook form -- it is not a printed book.

The tutorial is immediately available as a digital download. This means that whatever time of day or night, you can download a copy -- no waiting!  Please note that while I don't provide refunds (due to the nature of the tutorial) I do my very best to over-deliver for you.  🙂

So get your Chain Mail Tutorial for the Celtic Weaves for just $4 and you can be learning in just a few minutes.


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