Viking Knit Gallery

Welcome to my photo gallery for Viking Knit!  Enjoy the photos and if you like what you see, remember to check out my other gallery pages as well (thanks!).

Knit Overlay Bracelet - The Caterpillar Effect

I've decided it's time to up my game (so to speak) with Viking Knit jewelry -- hope you like it!




Beaded Viking Knit Bracelet, Instructions Included in the Tutorial!

Introduction to Viking Knit

2 Responses to Viking Knit Gallery

  • Judy Geringer says:

    Hello Gail, I need to shape viking knit into a basket. I will be using it to hold a 28mm round bead with a hook for attaching to a necklace. Is this something that is possible? Thank You for any help you may give. Judy Geringer

  • Gail says:

    Hi Judy,

    This is a good question! Off the top of my head, I can think of two possible ways. One would be to make some very thin, very fine chains and kind of braid them into a basket shape — think of a bird’s nest. The other way is to make a very wide chain (large dowel) and don’t draw it — just take a chasing hammer and flatten it. Then mold it into the shape you want.

    Hope these ideas help!


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