Hurricanes and Tropical Storms – Oh My

I've gone through 3 hurricanes in the last 4 years, and several tropical storms.  I've been watching Gustav this morning on The Weather Channel, and keeping a weather eye on Hanna via Weather Underground.

I feel for the people in Louisiana, because I know what it's like.  I'm just relieved that New Orleans appears to have been spared much damage, as well as coastal Mississippi.  Those two areas were severely impacted during Katrina.  Sure, they are getting some heavy winds and rain; electricity is out in many areas.  But flooding and wind damage aren't anything like what they've seen the last 4 years.  At least up to now, when I'm writing this.

I mentioned I'm keeping an eye on Hanna, which is off to my SSE to SE.  It's on the eastern side of the Bahamas, and I'm on the west side.  Hannah is currently expected to stay well to my east, by around 100 miles.  I also know that I've seen storms do very strange things (like Jeanne doing a loop-de-loop to my east and then come back and hit me).

I'm adding my prayers, to those of myriad others, that damage from Gustav isn't nearly as bad as expected, and that life in Louisiana and Mississippi returns to normal swiftly.

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