What Inspires You for Jewelry?

Just what is it that inspires you, when it comes to making jewelry?  Is it color?  A pattern on a piece of fabric?  Something from nature?  Perhaps found objects?

I did something yesterday that I rarely do -- went to the beach.  Even though I live fairly close to the Florida coast, I prefer quiet beaches; and around here, they are crowded on weekends.

But yesterday, hubby and I drove about 50 miles north and found a beautiful little beach that had few people (even on a hot sunny Saturday in May).  And wonder of wonders, there were seashells -- more than I had ever imagined.  This little stretch of beach had Sanibel Island (a world-famous shelling location) beat, hands down!

But I'm getting away from myself.  What I'm getting at is that looking at the shells, in their varied color combinations and shapes, I picked up a few (ok, quite a bit more than a few) to take home.  Some were solely based on wonderful color combos.  Others because their beautiful shapes would look wonderful in jewelry.

But these shells are inspiring me to color combinations I might not have otherwise selected.  Ideas for designs that are off my beaten path (i.e. more than just peyote).

In my case, it was a combination of color and form that has inspired me.  What is it that inspires you?

If you find your jewelry is lacking a spark these days, why not get outdoors and look around?  Maybe there are flowers or trees or even lowly mushrooms that give you ideas that are a little outside your normal work, be it color, format or some combination.

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