More Lampwork Jewelry Photos

Here are more lampwork jewelry photos, courtesy of Jennie.  Like I said in the previous post, I'm always thrilled and touched when people send me pictures of their creations, made from my beads.

Lampwork Jewelry Set  (Click to Enlarge)

Lampwork Jewelry Set (Click to Enlarge)

I really liked what Jennie did with this one set of beads.  I think I named them "Storm Warnings", but she did a much better job of capturing their aura.

It's neat, what Jennie did with the sides of the necklace, don't you think?  The soft ovals are a contrast to the more squarish pillow shaped beads, but the effect is marvelous!

With her lampwork jewelry bracelets, Jennie says that she likes to make them adjustable by the wearer.  When you're making a bracelet, the exact length is hard to estimate.  After all, not everyone has thin or thick wrists; not everyone likes them tight (or loose).  And by having a small extension that makes the bracelet adjustable, it lets the wearer decide what suits.

And I'm glad Jennie does this, because I mentioned that I had bought one of her bracelets.  Since I've had the wonderful bracelet, I've lost in the neighborhood of 60 pounds.  And yes, my wrists are thinner now!  But thanks to being adjustable, I don't need to worry about it.

Hey folks, if anyone has jewelry made with my beads, send me a photo and I'll gladly publish it here, and give you the credit/link!  (And in case you might have forgotten, my "professional" studio name was/is TasminAnn Studio.)  😉

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