More Lampwork Photos For Your Viewing Pleasure

Mesmerize (Click for larger image.)

Mesmerize (Click for larger image.)

I mentioned in one of the comments that I had been taking some time off lampworking because it's so terribly hot here in Florida.  Since my studio is in my (south-facing) garage, and between the torch and the kiln, I get pretty toasty...Summer isn't my favorite time to do lampwork.

(I tried doing work at night, but since I have to open the garage door for ventilation, I had too many bugs flying into my flame and becoming little fireballs...)

But, it's just about cool enough to start up again; I want to give it a couple more weeks, until the temps get consistently at or below 85 degrees.

Anyway, here are a couple more photos of some of my past work.  In case you're wondering, I can usually make similar beads, but I can't make an identical set.  So if you ever see anything interesting, you can check with me if I can make something similar. 

Meanwhile, enjoy!

Atlantis Series (Click for larger image)
Atlantis Series (Click for larger image)

Some of my work is in series, like this one (Atlantis).  Actually, I think I need to make this again, because I like the "oil slick" metallic effect, combined with the spot encasing.  I probably haven't made a set in this series for at least a year.

Now where did I put that glass...hmmmm.

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