Adventures in Makeup

Adventures in makeup?  Yep, and I'm having a blast.  But first -- a little background so you know why I'm having fun.

I'm getting to be a certain age...ok, I'll admit it, I'm 48 as I write this.  And because I've been telecommuting for the last 9 years, makeup (along with my nemesis, pantyhose) has been lacking in my day-to-day life.

Well I used to have pretty nice skin, and I've always gone in for a natural look anyway.  So why bother was my motto.  Until I saw a photo of myself recently with just some powder and mascara, and the ugly truth reared its head.  I'm no longer looking like I was in my 30s.  And while I might not look my age, I need help!  (Oh boy do I need it.)

Adventures With Mineral Makeup

I've never really been a fan of liquid foundations, and I like the Mineral Veil setting powder from Bare Escentuals, so I got some mineral foundation.  (OK, I did have some from another manufacturer, but it was too light for me so I rarely used it.)  Actually, I got two of the "Get Started" kits -- one for the face and one for the eyes and lips.  Glad I did, since I got a lot with one fell swoop.

Good start, and it make me look a lot better, but I wondered what else was out there?

It's a Brand New World

As I've since come to find out, there is a whole world I didn't really know existed!  I mean, I was using techniques I learned in my 20s, and now that 50 is looming, I need new ways of doing things.  I've always had semi-dark circles under my eyes that foundation alone used to cover, but now I have darker circles and (horrors!) excess baggage under my eyes.  Along with fine lines when I smile.

Not to mention the rosacea that has blossomed like poppies in a field across my cheeks.  *sigh*  What's a gal to do?

Thanks to YouTube, I've learned a ton of stuff.  From ways to make my hooded eyes look less hooded, to keeping my eyeshadow from doing the dreaded "creep" 3 hours after putting it on, to making my rosacea a thing of the past.  My skin might not look flawless, but it looks a 1,000% better!

Are You a Makeup Junkie Wannabe?

Well, I've turned into one, and I've had such a blast that I created a whole new site -- Minerals Cosmetics.  I'm doing lots of trials of different cosmetics (as I write this, I'm running 2 separate tests -- one for the face and one for the eyes).   Plus finding good YouTube videos demoing various techniques.  And letting you know where I get some good makeup deals that include freebies and free shipping!

And yes, I will be putting photos of my problem areas to the test.  I really do hate the thought of my face appearing "bare naked" for the camera (it might break), but I will at least do before and afters of various areas -- like eyes, rosacea, fine lines, etc. 

So, if you're curious, want makeup tips, places to get deals online, reviews...why not come over and join me?  Let's have fun together!

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