Bead Manager Pro — Do You Use It?

Do you use Bead Manager Pro?  Do you like it?  Do you use it?  Let's talk about it!

Do You Make Jewelry?

The first question is this:  do you make a lot of jewelry? 

OK, if you're a bead lover (like me, for instance) you probably have a ton of supplies.  Make that a ton of supplies all over the place!  And when an idea for the perfect piece of beaded jewelry overcomes you, naturally you go looking for the components. 

Here's what happens to me; I know where my most-used supplies are, and I have a pretty good idea what I have in stock at any given time.  For instance, I know that I have a lot (and I really mean a lot) of 4mm round sterling beads.  But as for sterling daisy spacers...I don't use those as often, so right now I couldn't tell you if I need to order more (which probably means that I do).

I was making a gemstone and seed bead necklace early this week, and I wanted to use my amethyst beads.  I knew I had some, so I went hunting for them.  Ok, found some.  Not what I thought I had but oh well.  So I went and made the necklace.

Naturally, after the necklace was done, I saw the beads that I originally wanted to use.  Yes, I still had some and they were just hiding from me (don't you hate it when they do that?)!

And then there was the clasp situation.  I honestly thought I had a dozen or more lobster claw sterling clasps, so blithely went on my way.  OK, time for the clasps...what do you mean I only had 2!  Grrr, time to get more, and in the meanwhile, change my clasping plans.

Does any of this sound familiar?  😉

Do You Make and Sell Jewelry?

Taxes.  I hate them, you hate them, but if you make and sell jewelry, you have to do them.  I know that every year towards the end of December I get depressed with the thought of doing inventory.   I have to balance what I bought, versus what I used and sold then compare it to what I have on hand.  Because I can only write off in taxes what I actually used and sold.

Lampwork Bracelet, "Watercolor Garden"  (Click to Enlarge)

Lampwork Bracelet, "Watercolor Garden" (Click to Englarge)

Did I use 10 or 12 Swarovski bicones in that bracelet?  And what the heck did I pay for those Swarovski beads to begin with?

Which brings up another point -- how do you know if you made a profit on your jewelry?  I know that technically, once you get some supplies (let's use my 4mm sterling beads as an example), you should figure out the price per each.  So say I paid $70 for 1,000 of them.  OK, that's 7 cents a bead.  Now say I use 20 of them in a bracelet.  That's easy enough, $1.40.  But what about the rest of the materials?  It all adds up when it comes to jewelry.  Was that clasp $2...or $10?  How many of those $5 per bead lampwork beads did you use?  Now, what did you sell that piece for?

OK, point made.  You need to know what you bought, what you've used (and sold) and what you have in stock (either unused or made into jewelry and as yet unsold).  At the end of the year, you need to know if you've made a profit or not.

Do You Use Bead Manager Pro?

I don't have the Bead Manager Pro software (yet, at any rate).  I know the benefits of it, and when it comes to the end of the year, I'd bless anything that let me do inventory easier/faster/better.  And it would be nice to know exactly how much it cost me in supplies to make that piece of jewelry. 

So I want to hear from you folks.  Do you use it?  Do you like it?  (Do you want to find out more about the Bead Manager Pro software in general?)

Leave me a comment.  Tell me about it.  I think it sounds like a great idea, but what do you think?

One Response to Bead Manager Pro — Do You Use It?

  • Gary says:

    Hi Gail

    I came across your blog post and as the maker of Bead Manager Pro thought I would post a comment for you.

    We’ve really tried very hard to create a piece of software that fills the requirements for a small home business user (though we do have a few larger users).

    All the features that are there were put in after an online questionnaire went out to thousands of beaders who told us exactly what they wanted.

    The best thing is they are still telling us so we add in new features when someone comes up with a good one.

    If you or any else has any question Im always happy to help, just put in a ticket using our support system


    Jewelry Software – Bead Manager Pro

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