Christmas Earrings, Coraling Stitch

Seed Bead Jewelry Earrings, Coraling Stitch

Seed Bead Jewelry Earrings, Coraling Stitch

I just got in a findings order, and I decided to play around with what I got.  One of the items I received was an accident; the bag was labeled correctly, but the wrong findings were included!  Fortunately, when I called Customer Service, they sent me out the right item and said to go ahead and keep what I have (whoopee!).

So, after getting together my seed beads, some Fireline and the earring findings, I set to work making some green, gold and red earrings, using the coraling stitch.

Now I've mentioned the coraling before, and it's basically a type of kinked fringe.  I thought it would work beautifully with the domed earring findings that I got by accident.

So here are the tools I used:

  • Domed earring findings, with perforations
  • Fireline, 6 lb, smoke color
  • Seed beads, size 11, in green, gold and red
Domed Earring Findings

Domed Earring Findings

From that point, I just stitched up through the perforations on the earring findings.  I put 2 strands of the coraling through each perforation.  I started out with mostlu green on the top, then added more gold as I worked downward, added red to the gold and then mostly red.

Each earring took me about an hour to accomplish.  It was a fun way to spend a couple of hours to make some holiday earrings that are definitely different from what you normally see.

So, what else will I make?  I have some ideas as to what else I can do with these findings (I got 10 pair), although I don't know for sure that I will include seed beads, mainly because the perforations are farther apart than I'd like for using the seed beads.

I got something else that I normally would not order, for an experiment -- memory wire toe rings.  Now I don't wear toe rings, nor do I wear rings in general (aside from my wedding ring).  But I had an idea that I just had to try.

Here is a hint; it uses vintage beads, but in a way that's definitely not vintage!

So while I go and experiement with my memory wire, I'll let you check out [nmslink:vintage jewelry lot, some vintage beads and redoux findings].  Who knows where your next jewelry inspiration will come from!

[nms:vintage jewelry lot,7,0.5]

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