Peyote Stitch Beading Examples

I've shown you in previous posts some peyote bracelet tutorials, plus my Mermaid's Garden bracelet, which is based in the peyote stitch (albeit the freeform version).

So, I decided to go roaming around on ebay (one of my favorite places to shop as you know), to see what was up -- what were people doing with this versatile form of beading?

Then I thought you might like to see some of what I found for peyote stitch beading examples.  Why not share?

You can find the [nmslink:peyote stitch,complete list of peyote stitch beading here].  What you see below is just a few of the items I found, for your viewing pleasure.  Nope, I didn't make any of them -- they are all by various beading people.

Enjoy these peyote stitch beading examples!

[nms:peyote stitch,7,0,1]

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