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Bead Embroidery Components Tutorial — It’s Finally Here!

I've been saying for awhile that my Intro to Bead Embroidery Components tutorial was just about done.  But this time I can say it is finally ready!  I know, it's taken me a lot longer than I expected to complete it, but that's because I kept getting one more idea to include something else...

Finally I had to quit adding more projects to the ebook tutorial, or else I was never going to finish!

What's in the Tutorial

The whole idea behind this was to make bead embroidery fast and easy.  While I love the beaded collars and intricate cuffs, that just isn't the kind of jewelry I wear.  And to be honest, I'd never finish one because it would take me too long, and I'd abandon it half-way through.

So instead of making elaborate jewelry that I wouldn't wear, I decided to make smaller components that I would wear.  Some are fairly simple and more tailored in appearance.  Some are more exotic, with dichroic glass and/or fringework.

But the great part is that they can be worn together or separate.  Make one component large and you have a pendant.  Two smaller components make for a set of earrings.  Several connected together make a bracelet or necklace.

And of course each component can be dressed up or down.  Just changing the cab or the seed beads can give a component a whole new look.

So, I teach 5 components, and then 2 projects on putting the components together. Plus, I have a "Fringe 101" section where I show how to make fringe and some ideas on how to use different kinds of fringe.

It's about 60 pages long and has loads of photos. Originally I had planned on about 30 pages, then 40...and when I got to 60 pages I just had to stop, LOL.  (I'll just have to make another ebook for my other ideas and projects.)

Anway, here's the link for Intro to Bead Embroidery Components tutorial.   Meanwhile, I have to go shopping for some more cabs (as if I didn't have enough already...).