What’s Up With Jewelry?

I got to thinking about what's up with jewelry the other day.  We've run into some chilly weather and it's too soon to start the veggie garden.  Time for jewelry, perhaps?

The Curse of the Peyote

I should say organic peyote, because regular peyote is pretty easy to teach.  After I finished up my viking knit tutorial, I decided to start on one for free-form organically-designed peyote.  But here's the problem; how can I teach something that I do on a whim?  And how do I provide a pattern for something really free-form?

sculptural-peyote-bracelet-closeupSo I've been trying to come up with some patterns that are free-form enough to get you started, along with one that falls into the "Wow, where did you get that!" category.

I'm thinking about a pair of earrings (basic freeform), a pendant (a little more challenging) and then a knock-em-out bracelet.

Stay tuned -- I'm still working on it!

Another Jewelry Auction Site

I came across another jewelry auction site that looked rather interesting.  And while they don't have a ton of hand-made jewelry, they do have some nice pieces with precious gems -- amethyst, opal, etc.

Anyway, right now they have a $25 coupon -- $25 off your first purchase.  And yes, there are plenty of items for $40 and under, so you stand a chance of getting something really nice for a great price (the word "free" comes to mind). So, go on and check it out and get your $25 off coupon.

Bidz - CPS $25 Coupon

Viking Knit In Sterling

I made a really pretty necklace in sterling silver for a gift and darn -- I forgot to get a photo before I sent it off!  I'll see if the recipient will be so kind as to take a photo and send it on to me.

I made it with 24 g sterling wire, dead soft.  Ohhh, was it ever nice to work with!  Dead soft copper is pretty decent but the silver was even easier to work with.  At any rate,  I made it in a single knit, using 6 petals.  It ended up substantial, but still had a bit of a lacy look to it -- very nice, if I do say so myself. 

Of course I made the end caps, from 18 g sterling.  I went rummaging around and found some sterling beads, around 12mm that had been sitting around for a few years.

I finished with an S-hook clasp I made from 18 g sterling.  I made it a little fancier by wrapping it with 26 g sterling wire.  Had to end up using my hammer a little to harden it up some, but it was stiff enough to be safe.

Unfortunately, I don't think I have enough sterling left over to make myself a necklace.  Unless maybe I use some of my lampwork to add to the length some.  Hmmm -- maybe it's time to fire up the torch again!