double spiral rope video

Light! Camera! Action! Video!

Ice Princess BraceletTo bead or not to bead, that is the question.  Well, you know my answer -- if it stands still long enough, I bead it!  So naturally I have been doing lots of videos.

Spiraling Out of Control

Lately, I have had a thing for spiral weaves.  From Russian Spiral to Dutch Spiral to Cellini Spiral and Double you sense a pattern here?  Intro videos, project tutorials, I've been spiraling out of control, LOL.  😀

Which is my favorite?  What day is it?  Each day, I seem to like one more than another, and the next day it may have changed.

  • I like Russian Spiral if I want to create something fast!
  • I like Dutch Spiral if I want something with an open, lacy effect.
  • I like Cellini Spiral if I want something with a dramatic spiral.
  • I like the Double Spiral when I want something lush, but not overwhelming.

I've been working on a project using triple spiral - yikes!  And should I mention Peyote Spiral, Herringbone Spiral...what can I say, I like tubular weaves!

New Beads, Old Beads

The photo on this page ("Ice Princess") uses a new bead that I got -- long drops.  They are kind of a cross between a Rizo and a Drop.  In any case, I like them, and I wish I had bought more, in other colors.  (Then again, that's the story of my life!)

And my old favorites - size 11 and size 8 seed beads -- figure prominently.  What falls into the "old but new" category is that in my Ice Princess bracelet, I also use some of the Czech seed beads that have been gathering dust in my bead box.  I love the looks of the Czech beads, but I hate that the bead holes are so irregular.  Well, a Double Spiral is great, because I only go through the "wings" once.  And now that I think of it, I really should try them with Russian Spiral as well!

Video, Where Are You?

Well, I have to offer a video for you to watch, right?  And if you guessed it would be the one for Ice Princess, you'd guess right there as well.

So, sit down, put your feet up, grab something to drink and have fun watching!