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More Pandora-Style Lampwork Beads

Yep, more Pandora-style lampwork bead information and photos!  This time, created with my own two hands.  Along with glass and a torch and...you get the idea!

If you're not up to speed on what exactly Pandora beads are, take a look at my lampwork Pandora bead post -- it will give you the "hole" story!

Unique Lampwork Pandora-Style Beads

Pandora-Style Kitty Bead

Pandora-Style Kitty Bead

I've been working on some new ideas, to make some of these wonderful beads different from the beads sold on the official Pandora site.  Not that they aren't nice, but they are a bit on the plain side (which can of course be good at times).

Meanwhile, I decided to go in a totally opposite direction, and my cats were my inspiration!

The kitty bead you see on the right is rather small, at just 15mm tall, but it plays well on a Pandora (Biagi, Chamilla, Troll) bracelet.  Enough to stand out from the everyday, without overwhelming the bracelet.

You may notice that the bead isn't silver lined.  Some of my kitties I left "au naturale" and some I did line with sterling rivets.  Thought it might be nice to have a choice.

OK, that's one kitty; are you up for another?

Seal Point Cat Pandora Style Bead

Seal Point Cat Pandora Style Bead

Here's what I call my "Kyle Kitty", after a seal-point Ragdoll cat that I once had.  And you might notice that I did put the sterling silver rivets in my "Kyle Kitty".

Right now I'm trying to figure out the color I need to use for my "Rusty" cat bead.  Rusty is my orange tabby, and finding just the right color in glass has been daunting!  But I'll figure it out eventually.

And if you're wondering...yep, I will eventually make pint-sized dogs and bunnies and other assorted critters into my Pandora-style beads.

A More Traditional Pandora-Style Bead

A More Traditional Pandora-Style Bead

Still, I haven't abandoned a more traditional bead, like the one you see to your right.  After all, sometimes a gal just wants to be a little more traditional -- in shape, if not in color!

At any rate, feel free to mosey on over to my store site and see all the Pandora-style bead goodies I have to offer.  Along with other kinds of lampwork beads as well.  And in the meantime, I hope you've enjoyed the picture show!