Peyote Stitch Beading

Peyote stitch beading and I usually get along OK; at least, up until today.  Today...well, it was certainly an interesting start to my day!

I have some lampwork and wired pendants that would look fantastic with a more substantial necklace from which to hang.  I mean, a small sterling chain or leather or ribbons just won't cut it for these bolder pendants!  Kumihumo might work, but that is time consuming and finishing the ropes...oh boy.

So, I decided to make a peyote tubular rope.  I mean, I've done it in the past and peyote is relatively simple, so it should be a breeze, right?

Peyote Stitch Beading, Tube Style

First thing I should have remembered; it is much, much easier to use a form of some typoe when you do a peyote tube.  I couldn't find the knitting needle I had planned to use, so I thought I could wing it.  Can you say, "oh, no!"?  Thought so.  😉

"Sahara" Lampwork Beads (Click to Enlarge)

"Sahara" Lampwork Beads (Click to Enlarge)

I actually wasn't doing too badly for making a flat circular peyote stitch, but that's not what I was trying for!

I finally gave up for the time being and just decided to do regular flat peyote stitch beading.  At least there I was successful!  So I kept on and decided instead of zipping my flat sitches into a tube, that I would make a bracelet instead.  And so far, it's looking pretty cool.  I already have a name for it, I think.  I won't post a photo until I am done, but here's a hint:  it's done in mostly shades of blue.

Anyway, as soon as I get my bracelet finished (probably tomorrow), I'll try the peyote tube again.  I should be more successful this time, because I found the knitting needle I need to use as the form!

Because I don't have a photo of my peyote today, I'll leave you with a photo of some more of my lampwork for the time being.  Enjoy!