peyote beading tutorial

Peyote Bracelet Tutorial – New Ebooks!

I've got some new peyote bracelet tutorials for you!  One is free, and the other one has such a teensy price that it's almost free.

So without any further ado, how about some ebook tutorials, for your peyote-beading pleasure!

Peyote Bracelet Tutorials

"Exploring All Angles" Bracelet, in the Even Count Peyote Bracelets Tutorial

It doesn't matter if you have never seen the peyote bead stitch before, or if you are a dyed-in-the-wool peyote veteran.  Check out these two pages, each with an ebook tutorial:

Basics of Even Count Peyote:  Especially for anyone who either doesn't know how to bead the peyote stitch, or is a little rusty.  Not only do you learn how to do flat even-count peyote, but there is even a project called "Windows and Doors", which is a unique bracelet.  And the ebook is free!

Even Count Peyote Bracelets:  Now that you know how to peyote bead, here are six gorgeous bracelets for you to make.  You'll learn how to use some of the more unusually-shaped seed beads, as well as learn bead embroidery on peyote!  OK, it's not free, but it's ultra-reasonably priced, especially since it has 6 projects and tons of close-up photos!  (And available for immediate download, to boot.)

"Windows and Doors" Bracelet, from the Basics of Even Count Peyote Tutorial

They are over on my new site, Beaded Jewelry Diva, which I am dedicating to beading tutorials (both free and almost-free).

So come on over and see me there; I have lots more tutorials for you there, and I'm always adding new ones for your jewelry-making pleasure!