sterling and turquoise bracelet

Hand Beaded Bracelet, Turquoise and Silver

A hand beaded bracelet is fun to make (or at least I think so).  This kind in the photo takes me about 2.5 hours, start to finish, due to the number of strands I use (I like more substantial bracelets in general).

Hand Beaded Bracelet, Sterling and Turquoise  (Click to Enlarge)

Hand Beaded Bracelet, Sterling and Turquoise (Click to Enlarge)


I think I used either 8 or 10 strands for this bracelet, strung with a mixture of seed beads (size 15, 11 and 8), sterling silver, turquoise and quartz crystal.  The finish is sterling silver cones and a lobster-claw clasp.

OK, I started out making this bracelet for myself, but now I'm not quite sure what to do with it.  Why?  Because I made it a little too long (argh).  Since I've lost weight, I'm tending to make the bracelets at my old wrist size -- haven't gotten used to the new one yet.

So I'm thinking that if I add another strand or two and braid them in, I can make the bracelet a bit shorter, by maybe half an inch.  That would be just about enough for a nice fit (slightly loose).

(Of course if anyone wants to buy it and give it a home, let me know before I decide what to do with it.)  😉

I don't in general do a lot of seed beading in strand form, but every so often I like to make bracelets like this.  It's just something different that you won't find in a store.  It's also in my signature organic style, which I can't seem to get away from (even my peyote bracelets end up with an organic look and feel).

Anyway, catch up with you again later!  Oh, and feel free to leave me a comment -- always enjoy hearing from you folks.