Sterling Silver Pendants

Sterling Silver Pendants With Pearls

"From the Deep" Sterling Silver Pendant With Pearls

"From the Deep" Sterling Silver Pendant With Pearls

These sterling silver pendants with pearls came about from a forum.  I'm a member of quite a few forums, and in one (I'm ashamed to admit I forget which one), I was introduced to the work of Eni Oken.  Eni is a jewelry maker after my own heart, producing one-of-a-kind work in a semi-organic style (well, some of it anyway). 

I got some of Eni's tutorials for her intermediate and advanced work, but the projects (bracelets mostly) take such a long time, I eventually abandoned them for faster work -- like with pendants.

I'm not the world's best photographer I'm afraid, and this pendant is a little over on its side instead of flat on the background.  (I can tell because of the way the top loop is facing).  All I can say in my defense is that my camera's batteries were almost dead and I need to buy some more -- so I tool the pictures quickly!

OK, how I did this is pretty easy.  I took a piece of 16g sterling silver wire and roughly 2.5 inches long put the loop on top.  Instead of wrapping the loop in the normal manner, I added side loops for decoration.  I left about 1.75 inches hanging down.  I added a small loop at the bottom for a "stopper".

"Blue Lagoon" Sterling and Pearl Pendant

"Blue Lagoon" Sterling and Pearl Pendant

Next, I took 28g sterling wire and wrapped the length of the straight wire, making sure the wraps were close. I start at the bottom and work my way up.Once I was just about to the top, I ended that piece of wire and cut another piece. and finished the wrapping.

Now I just strung pearls, sterling silver and shell beads in whatever pattern I felt like.  I'd usually string.  After each 3 to 7 beads (depending on the size, I'd anchor the beads to the main 16g wrapped length. 

I covered the front of the pendant (and part of the back) in whatever pattern I chose, always making sure to keep my wraps as neat as possible.

Here's the other one I made at the same sitting.  It has pearls, abalone, sterling and shell beads.  The pendants don't take long to make, once the main length is wrapped -- maybe 30 or 40 minutes, with most of that time trying to decide which beads to use next!

Once again, my lack of photography skills has me laying the pendant slightly to the right instead of straight on.  Ah well, hopefully you get the idea of how they look.