Viking Knit Jewelry

Viking knit jewelry is really cool.  And up to a few days ago, it totally baffled me.  Then two things happened; I found a YouTube video and I bought a tutorial.  Between the two, I can now do viking knit!  And is it ever addicting...

Directions for Viking Knit Chain

The best video I found out on YouTube certainly helped a great deal; for you, it may be all you need!  So below are the video directions for viking knit chain.  And then below the video is more information and photos of what viking knit looks like from the raw chain through the finished viking knit jewelry.

So YouTube first, then after you're done watching, check out my "before" photos.  Here you go!

Need more?  Check out my Introduction to Viking Knit chain tutorial!  And if you want some serious bling to it, take a peek at Viking Knit Jewelry Embellishments.

Viking Knit Jewelry - Before

Viking Knit Wire Supplies

Viking Knit Wire Supplies

OK, first know that the viking knit, as it comes off the wrench or dowel, looks kinda sad (at least to me).  It definitely does not resemble the gorgeous jewelry I've seen!  But there's a little magic involved that takes maybe a minute and results in a lovely chain.

But first, here's what you need to start out:

  • 24 gauge wire
  • 18 gauge wire
  • Dowel (I use 3/16").  Some people use an allen wrench instead.
  • Wire cutters
  • Pliers (round nose and bent nose)
  • Drawplate

While I don't use it, some people also use a T-pin to create a small path for the wire if the tension gets a little too tight.

In the first photo you see dowels, work in progress and the wire (I also have 16 g wire in the photo, although I didn't use it).

Viking Knit Other Supplies (Pliers, Drawplate, etc.)

Viking Knit Other Supplies (Pliers, Drawplate, etc.)

In the next photo you can see the wire before I used the drawplate...along with the drawplate and pliers.  I added the ruler so you can get an idea of how long the wire was (roughly 15 inches).

The raw knit is reminiscent of wire crochet (well, that's what it looks like to me, anyway).

The viking knit stitch I use is called single knit.  Many people prefer to use the variation called double knit, as it makes a more dense weave.

Well, the next post will be more photos taken along the way while creating the jewelry; specifically about the draw plate tool.

Meanwhile, I'll leave you with some Pandora beads, since I will be using them in the finished viking knit jewelry.

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6 Responses to Viking Knit Jewelry

  • Jan Raven says:

    Hi Gail! Good to see that my tutorial has helped! I’m looking forward to seeing some finished chains.

  • Sharon says:

    Just got the tutorial and wanna say Thanks! I attempted Viking Knit on my own, finished it up today, but wasn’t supremely happy with the results. Found you on the web and think that your instructions will help!

  • Judith says:

    I would like to purchase your tutorial but want to know if the instructions are for using a dowel?

    Thank you

  • Gail says:

    Hi Judith,

    Yes, I teach this using a hand-held dowel. 🙂


  • Cindi says:

    I’ve fallin in love with this technique. Have you found any brand of wire with multiple colors (red, green, orange etc.) that will hold it’s color when you pull it through a draw plate?

  • Gail says:

    Hi Cindi,

    I’m trying out a new wire in a couple of days, and I hope it works as good as it claims. I’m going to try it with a double knit, as it is 26 gauge — nd I find that the thinner the wire, the less coating it has. So if it stands up to this test, I think I’ll have a winner! It only comes in about 8 or10 colors, but they are nice (I’m trying magenta).

    In the meanwhile, the wire I get at JoAnn’s (the chain store) is OK, as long as it’s not pulled tight through the draw plate. But if you want a thinner chain, a lot of the coating comes off.

    Anyway, I’ll try the new wire as soon as I can and let you know what I find out! 🙂


    UPDATE: I tried the new wire and like it! See my review.

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