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Sadly, my original WordPress blog did a crash and burn at my old web host (which I will never go back to).  That means that the vast majority of my old posts are no longer available — only what I can scavenge from the Wayback Machine.  *sigh*

But on the other hand, this is a fresh start with new stuff.  This site will be about all kinds of things, and not just jewelry — the main focus of my old site.  Part of that is because I have other sites devoted to jewelry —, and  Not that I won’t talk about jewelry here — just that most of it will be on the other sites.

(I’m also considering another site about wire weaving for jewelry – still thinking about it, though.)

What’s Up?

So what’s next?  First I’ll try to retrieve what I can from the old site — at least that will be a start.  Then I just may update my theme to fit my new direction.  But I think the most important thing is to be upbeat.  There’s enough in the way of bad news elsewhere — I want this blog to just be a fun read!

Of course, I have my YouTube videos that I will plop in my posts from time to time.  I have several different YouTube channels devoted to different things.  The most popular is my Beaded Jewelry Diva YouTube Channel.  I think I’ll probably concentrate on two of them though, when I put in the videos.

In any case — I’m off to see what I can do about bringing back old posts.  Meanwhile — hope you’re having a great day!  (And if you’re not — here’s a wish for you feel better soon.)

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