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If you love viking knit jewelry and want to kick it up a notch, then my newest ebook tutorial Viking Knit Jewelry Embellishments is what you’ve been waiting for.

Viking Knit Jewelry – Royalty Bracelet

Now instead of just making a chain, putting on ends caps and calling it good, you can make beautiful jewelry that is truly unique.  In this ebook you’ll use beads of all shapes and sizes to add pizazz and “bling” to your creations.

This ebook tutorial on how to make embellished viking knit jewelry assumes that you already know how to make viking knit chain.  (If you don’t already know, you can check out my Intro to Viking Knit Jewelry tutorial.)

Please note that if you are reading this on a translation service, this ebook is written in English.

Viking Knit Jewelry Embellishments

So exactly what is waiting for you in this tutorial?  Here’s what you will learn in the pages.

  • How to effectively work with colored wire.
  • How to make triple-knit viking knit, and a bracelet project.
  • How to add beads into the knit itself.
  • How to do the “caterpillar effect” — a viking knit overlay technique.
  • Join two shorter pieces of chain to make a longer one, and spice it up with a beaded bead.
  • Different treatments for the ends — you no longer need plain end caps!

Knit Overlay Bracelet – The Caterpillar Effect

The book is 40 pages and has a whopping 91 photos!  And speaking of the photos, most are close-ups, and some are extreme close-ups, so you know exactly where to put the wire or the beads.

The knit overlay bracelet (to the left) is a really fun project and uses two different colors and gauges of wire, which to me gives a more organic look.

Getting Your Copy of Viking Knit Jewelry Embellishments

The Viking Knit Jewelry Embellishments tutorial is a mere $10. It’s delivered to you as an ebook, and it’s about 1.4 MB in size.

Simply click the “Add to Cart” button (which accepts all major credit cards, PayPal, etc.) and you’ll get an instant download — no waiting. You’ll get a link to the download after you’ve completed your purchase (as well as an email with the link information). Simple, quick and get it any time of the day or night!

Beaded Elegance Viking Knit Necklace

Of course, this ebook is meant for you, and you alone, so please don’t share it (thanks).  And because it’s an electronic product, all sales are final.

If you want to take your jewelry to the next level, Viking Knit Jewelry Embellishments will get you on your way!


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