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Beaded Chainmaille Bracelet – Green & Gold

I have a new beaded chainmaille bracelet tutorial video that I’d like to share with you.  I did it a couple of weeks ago (at the time of this writing), and it’s an easy and fun project.  Off and on, I’ve done quite a bit of chainmaille (A.K.A. chain maille or chain mail), and I’ve gotten back into it.  I’ve never really done it beaded, though, so it’s a new challenge for me — or at least a new look.  😀

And speaking of looks…I plan to do more beaded chainmaille bracelet tutorials.  I have one in the works (just need to finish filming and editing), and am thinking of ideas for another one.  I also have another (non-beaded) chainmaille bracelet in line for a video — I have some sample chains made, I just need to film the actual construction of those chains.

Beaded Jewelry Directions

OK, the video will be a little further down, but before that is a comment on directions for beaded jewelry – and jewelry in general.

Jewelry designs and styles change over time.  When I first started, it was simple bead stringing.  Then along came fancy lampwork beads.  Beading patterns (herringbone, peyote, brick and such) were really big for a bit, but they’ve pretty much already been around in one form or another.  Bead embroidery burst upon the scene, as did wire wrapping.

Nowadays, it seems like wire jewelry in one form or another is big.  This includes wire wrapping, wire weaving and chainmaille.  Oh, and jewelry that includes tassels is also pretty popular.  The looks are bold and meant to be noticed.  And all this means you’ll likely see more chain maille and wire jewelry videos from me!

Beaded Chainmaille Bracelet Video

Since you’ve been waiting for this video, now is he time to watch it!  One thing I think I forgot to mention in the video is that the 18 wire gauge is in the AWG measurements, which are traditionally used for jewelry.  If you get jump rings is an 18 SWG measurement, the pattern won’t work.

And now — the video!